Concerning the Tumbleweeds

For those of you who are still following The Cynical Christian (in the sense of getting e-mail updates): I haven’t been posting on this beast all that much for a variety of reasons–work, fatherhood, changing life plans, etc.–but mostly because I’ve been scratching my itch to write in different ways.  My science-fiction novel, The Curse of Life, was published in June of this year.  It’s available in dead-tree and Kindle formats, and you can read the latter for free if you have Amazon Prime.  If you like my writing, here’s your chance to … er, check out how I write in a completely different genre!

I’m not going to declare this blog shut down or anything.  I may well post in it from time to time.  But, y’know, limited number of hours in a day, in a week, in a lifetime …


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